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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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The Dreischor pumping station transports water from lower to higher areas to prevent flooding.

Name Dive Site:Dreischor Pumping Station, Dreischor Gemaal
Depth: 5-30m (16-98ft)
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For most divers in the Netherlands, Dreischor Gemaal (MOO-124) is one of the best and most popular dives. Many trainee divers may have gained their first experience with diving in Zeeland at this Gemaal. Part of the Gemaal is still visible from the top of the dike, but the best part is seen off course while scuba diving. In the right light and with enough visibility, you can see a real spectacle. Excellent coverage of the pillars in sponges, algae, anemones and all kind of seaweed make it a dive site with exuberant vegetation.

An Gemaal roughly translates as Pumping Station and ensures that the excess water from the lowlands around Dreischor is discharged. Before the sluice was opened near Brouwersdam, this kind of pumping stations made the water sweeter and sweeter. The station is still activated from time to time; something you will notice soon enough when you see that the visibility dops drastically and the water gets more active and shows small swirls when the sweet water mixes with the brackish water. Nothing to be worried about though but it will ruin your dive if you suddenly do not see more than a meter ahead.


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