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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Netherlands.

Ouddorp haven

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Ouddorp Haven is a very nice divingspot with variable underwater landscape. It is shallow (undeep) and nice because of the seaweeds and all the babylife. The deeper side is great because of a hull which is nice to dive along. As written before, only available by boat, and therfore always a quiet diving spot. In the Netherlands it is regular to dive from shore, and less by boat....

Dreischor Pumping Station

Rated 4.2, 4 votes

For most divers in the Netherlands, Dreischor Gemaal (MOO-124) is one of the best and most popular dives. Many trainee divers may have gained their first experience with diving in Zeeland at this Gemaal. Part of the Gemaal is still visible from the top of the dike, but the best part is seen off course while scuba diving. In the right light and with enough visibility, you can see a real spectacle. Excellent coverage of the pillars in sponges, algae, anemones and all kind of seaweed make it a dive...